SpeedDraw Stop Motion Videos

Our SpeedDraw Stop Motion videos are an exciting new way to explain, educate, market or sell... they are the new premium alternative to whiteboard and 2D animation videos

If you are looking for an unusual video style with high production values, rich textures and full colour, look no further!

Watch our short explainer video to see what we mean…

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And here are a few more examples…

Speed Draw Stop Motion video player

Thinking about a marketing video?

Animal feed pellet testing machine
(Sales + marketing)

LOcHER Christmas video
(Christmas email + Social media video)

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Our videos have so many uses...

Speed Draw Stop Motion videos have many uses

Because our videos are nice and short, they can be used in many different ways…

 maximising your investment

Since 2018 our Speed Draw Stop Motion videos have been helping us and our customers communicate, educate, market and sell.

They can be used in…

  • Websites
  • Intranet sites e.g. eLearning
  • YouTube, Vimeo and other social media
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations… helping to avoid “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Product launches
  • Conferences
  • Emails… just link to your YouTube or Vimeo hosted videos

What is stop motion animation?

Santa Stop Motion animation by i-presentations by i-presentations

Here’s a very brief introduction…
Stop motion animation is achieved by moving objects in small increments, photographing them each time they move and then playing the images back in quick succession to give the illusion of movement… but it takes a long time to produce! 

Wallace and Gromit are probably the most famous modern examples of stop motion animation in the world today. 

Stop Motion for business videos? What on earth were we thinking!

We reached for the stars to add Stop Motion to our videos

Sometimes you just have to aim high!

 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1!

The challenge
For quite a while we had been exploring ideas for a new premium alternative to our SpeedDraw Whiteboard videos. Something that would still be very unusual and fascinating to watch but with brighter colours, richer textures and more visual detail. 

We loved the idea of stop motion animation, but on it’s own, stop motion doesn’t lend itself to explaining ideas or abstract business concepts… plus it’s extremely time consuming to film and edit!

To create informative business videos we not only needed to create stop motion animation more efficiently but we also needed to add something else to help communicate ideas, thoughts or feelings which would be easy to remember afterwards. In addition we needed to include numerous customisable elements to maintain interest and keep our videos fresh and different.

Our take on Stop Motion...

This was our first commercial use of SpeedDraw Stop Motion on a very non-visual subject

 It was very effective, but we’ve refined and developed lots of new techniques and effects since then!

The solution
To achieve our goal of turning stop motion into something which could be used for business, we dipped into some of our special SpeedDraw Whiteboard techniques and developed some new ones along the way…to create a fusion between SpeedDraw and stop motion. 

We launched our SpeedDraw Stop Motion videos in 2018 which use our streamlined stop motion video process together with the addition of hand gestures, written text, annotations, paper splats and other techniques. This means we can visually emphasise or clarify key points in the voice-over to maintain interest and improve retention. 

Combine this with a carefully structured script to guide the audience plus a little subtle humour here and there to maintain interest and the result is a short, unusual video that is powerful, memorable and gets watched through to the end

If you want to see more examples of our work just click our Video Gallery link

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