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hand made i-presentations Speed Draw video process

What is the production process for creating our hand made videos?

Our SpeedDraw whiteboard and Stop Motion videos are nice and short, but a lot of planning goes on behind the scenes before anything gets filmed or edited. By taking this meticulous approach we make sure there are no surprises later on when your video is completed …apart from the wow factor!

There are 5 key steps to producing your video

After making initial contact with us and discussing your requirements…

  • Step 1  You’ll be asked to send us your initial script:  Don’t worry, your script doesn’t have to be perfect! If you can’t do this we can help write an initial script for you.
  • Step 2  Script optimisation: After reading through your script we’ll make contact and go through it with you to help tweak and optimise it for the SpeedDraw process.
  • Step 3  Initial storyboard ideas: Once the script has settled we’ll use it to create an initial storyboard with descriptions of ideas for visuals. We’ll run them past you and refine them further where necessary.
  • Step 4  Key images added to storyboard: We’ll share with you a revised storyboard with key illustrations/images added to show how the video will look and where necessary, make any final adjustments. 
  • Step 5  Sign off and video production: Once the storyboard and script are to your liking we ask you to sign off the script and visuals so that production can begin. We record the voice-over first, then film the content and finally expertly edit the footage and synchronize it with the voice-over to produce your finished video.

And that’s it!  Your HD video is created in your preferred video format for YouTube, Vimeo etc ready to share with your audience.

Speed Draw video process paper dart
Speed Draw video 5 steps to production step ladder
Your Speed Draw video is completed tadaah
Wow no surprises when hand made speed draw video is produced

Our 5 step approach avoids any surprises later on when the video is completed 

Logistics: Distance is not a problem as all communications are made through email, telephone, Skype and online screen sharing. This means you are in total control without the need for lengthy meetings or having to travel… and completed videos are delivered via online file transfer too.

No hidden costs: Our pricing structure is totally transparent, you will always be in control of your budget. 

Logistics for production of hand drawn and stop motion video
Logistics for production of hand drawn and stop motion video

Above all we want you to be delighted with your handmade i-Presentations video

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