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Cookies are usually small text files, also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies. They are commonly used by web developers to help users navigate their websites more effectively and can also be used to track site traffic as well as viewer preferences.

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Google analytics: Like many businesses we use Google analytics to help us understand how much web traffic we are receiving, where our web traffic comes from and which pages are browsed on our site etc, so we can run our website and marketing campaigns more effectively. The information provided does not enable us to personally identify you or your browsing history as it is all collected anonymously.

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We have embedded numerous YouTube and Vimeo hosted videos on our site to enable you to see examples of our work without having to leave our site. When you view an embedded YouTube or vimeo video on our site, in accordance with instructions from YouTube and Vimeo, their cookies have been disabled.

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From time to time we may need to amend our Cookie Policy so please visit this page frequently to check if those changes affect you.


Julian Richards
1st February 2019