Hand-Drawn SpeedDraw Whiteboard Videos

We produce real hand-drawn whiteboard videos which can include amazing techniques to add extra impact when needed. So if you want videos with real analogue charm in a digital world, look no further!

Watch our introductory video to see what we mean...

And here are some customer videos…

Tackling malaria in Africa

International property sourcing
(Marketing / website video)

Marriage guidance
(Website video)

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What is our approach to creating Speed Draw whiteboard videos?

Our hand drawn whiteboard videos are easy to understand and watch

With whiteboard videos, the brain has to work extra hard… 
So we keep things simple to keep the brain happy!

There is a science behind what we do

We keep our hand-drawn SpeedDraw whiteboard illustrations simple, making them easy to understand quickly… which avoids audience brain overload! And because our illustrations are hand drawn, they are not too perfect, which adds to their appeal.

Colour, text and detail are also kept to a minimum, so they are far easier to interpret quickly. All illustrations and on screen action is skilfully edited to match the voice-over perfectly to avoid any disconnect. 

Combine all this with a carefully structured script to guide the audience plus a little subtle humour here and there to maintain interest and the end result is a short, quirky video that is powerful, memorable which gets watched through to the end.

We are continuously developing new techniques to add impact and emphasis to our videos

SpeedDraw Photo video

 Now that really is fascinating! 

Techniques compatible with our SpeedDraw whiteboard videos include:

  • SpeedDraw Photos… hand drawn real photos of people and products
  • SpeedDraw Action Photos… hand drawn photos which turn into live action video footage
  • SpeedDraw Graffiti… simple annotations in vibrant colours and textures
  • SpeedDraw Morphs… hand drawn photos which start to morph into other images e.g. historical figures or products changing over the years
  • SpeedDraw talkies… hand drawn characters which subtly animate to enable them to talk
There are lots more, but the examples above give you a taste of how our innovation and creativity can add a real wow factor to your video!

Our videos have so many uses...

Speed Draw video at an exhibition

Because our videos are nice and short, they can be used in many different ways…

 maximising your investment

Since 2011 our SpeedDraw whiteboard videos have been helping our customers communicate, educate, market and sell.

They can be used in…

  • Websites
  • Intranet sites e.g. eLearning
  • YouTube, Vimeo and other social media
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations… helping to avoid “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Product launches
  • Conferences
  • Emails… just add a link to your YouTube or Vimeo hosted video

Why are people so fascinated by Whiteboard videos?

We learn through hand drawn illustrations at school

We have learnt to trust the hand that explains things!

Throughout our education we have been conditioned to understand new concepts and ideas by a teacher picking up a chalk, pen or marker and writing, drawing or pointing things out. Because of this we are receptive to this type of simple explanation and take it in far quicker than reading lots of heavy text or watching a dull corporate-style video on a website. 

With our SpeedDraw Whiteboard explainer videos, a real person draws or introduces everything you see on screen…  it takes skill and is fascinating to watch. 

Our Speed Draw video illustrations are really hand drawn

Our hand is a character

it can be impatient, it can have ideas…

and it really draws!

Beware, not all whiteboard videos are genuine like ours!

The majority of our competitors simulate illustrations being hand drawn using a fake photographic hand and pen. In addition their drawings are often too perfect and have no character, as a result they look like soul-less clip-art. 

Once the audience realises the hand is fake, and the image has been created elsewhere, it affects the integrity of the rest of the video… can they really trust the video message? 

If you want to see more examples of our work just click our Video Gallery link

If you want to discuss your video project just click the Contact Us link