About i-presentations / Julian Richards & Associates

Hand drawn videos and Stop motion presentation videos

i-presentations is an independent UK video production studio run by Julian Richards of Julian Richards & Associates, specialising in short handmade Sales, Marketing, Technical and Educational video presentations.

We are not your typical video production company who creates videos for websites and social media, and here's why...

  • Experienced… We’ve been creating Sales, Marketing and Training videos/presentations since 1999
  • Authentic… Our SpeedDraw videos are really hand made which adds honesty and credibility to the message
  • Independent… We are not an agency, all our videos are produced in-house
  • Innovative… We are continuously developing innovative new video styles and effects
  • Bespoke with attention to detail… Our approach to a client’s video design is as individual as they are… one size does not fit all
  • No hidden costs… Our pricing structure is totally transparent
Our Speed Draw cartoon illustrations are really hand drawn
Our hand made videos are bespoke one size does not fit all

The word ‘Presentation’ runs through our business like the letters in a stick of rock! 


…everything we do relates to presentations and effective communication

i-presentations stick of rock

Here's how we've evolved...

1999 we started creating advanced PowerPoint presentations for sales, marketing and technical teams using unusual PowerPoint animations and detailed speaker notes. 

2000 in addition to presentation design we also developed and delivered our own range of sales, and presentation skills training courses.

2005 we started to add voice-overs to our PowerPoint presentations and by 2009 we turned our presentations into Flash for use on the internet and for eLearning

2011 we created our first SpeedDraw whiteboard video and haven’t looked back!

Nothing stands still for long here!


we’re always thinking outside the box!

i-presentations think outside the box

And we're still evolving...

Since 2011 we have been continually developing new techniques to add interest and flexibility to our SpeedDraw videos including SpeedDraw Photos and SpeedDraw Graffiti. New techniques are evolving all the time.

Something new and interesting…

In 2018 we added an exciting new video style… SpeedDraw Stop Motion, allowing us to provide rich colours, textures and unusual effects to create videos that were very different. We have turned Stop-Motion into a fascinating new medium to explain, promote and educate.

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