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we create short handmade explainer videos to help you sell, market or educate

Watch our latest showreel to see the wide range of unusual handmade explainer video styles we can create...

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Watch this 1 minute explainer video to see our latest fascinating SpeedDraw Stop Motion style in action...

Short stop motion video explaining how online video helps SEO
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We produce: Speed draw explainer videos, hand drawn videos, whiteboard videos, stop motion videos, animated videos, educational videos, sales and marketing videos, training videos, business presentation videos, product launch videos, technical videos, intranet videos, website videos, social media videos… the list goes on!

Hand drawn explainer video

Our hand drawn explainer videos are like homemade jam

…they have a unique, fresh, hand crafted flavour that mass produced videos lack!

Stop motion explainer video example

Our Stop Motion explainer videos are a breath of fresh air

…they’re a vibrant new way to sell, market or explain things in a really fascinating way!

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