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About i-presentations

and Julian Richards & Associates

We have a unique set of skills and business experience in Sales, Marketing and Training… which ensures that the presentations we design are effective and have substance. We are artistic, creative and innovative in our approach to designing presentations… which makes Julian Richards & Associates stand out from the crowd.  

Our website is called i-presentations, because that is what our our business provides…

interesting / intelligent / involving / integrated presentations!

“Presentations are in our blood!”

From the outset, we provided training & presentation support to organisations who wanted a flexible or bespoke service, with attention to detail. Initially our tool of choice was PowerPoint.

For many years we produced in depth, animated, PowerPoint presentations for a wide variety of clients. By 2009 we added voice-overs and started to turn them into Flash and video for use on the web… we called these Integrated Presentations and that got us thinking…

“In our business, nothing stands still for long!”

Since 2011 we have been creating SpeedDraw presentations… drawing from our considerable presentation design, sales, marketing and training experience to get key facts and messages across properly, whilst maintaining interest. Over 80% of our business is now focused on Speed Draw whiteboard explainer presentations, and associated services.

In 2013 the business moved from Buckinghamshire to Norfolk, and in doing so all video production facilities moved in-house. This has enabled us to develop a number of unique techniques which are still true to the hand drawn whiteboard concept, namely: SpeedDraw Photos, SpeedDraw Logos and SpeedDraw Graffiti… which give us the flexibility to take SpeedDrawing to the next level when needed.

“We are not merely cartoonists, videographers or designers

new to the presentation design industry”

We’re not just jumping on the whiteboard presentation band wagon like so many others out there… we are offering our unique take on the whiteboard animation concept based on many years experience in the presentation design industry, as well as having been at the sharp end of sales, marketing and training.

Above all, we are innovative and creative with an eye for detail… which shines through in all of our work. Just look at our Video Gallery to see what we mean!

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Julian Richards & Associates has been providing presentation solutions for Sales, Marketing, Technical and Educational requirements since 1999

About i-presentations montagei-presentations stick of rock

The word ‘presentation’ runs through our business like the letters in a stick of rock!

Everything we do is about presentations and effective communication

Good presentations involve subtly thinking outside the box

Our innovative approach ensures our presentations do just that!